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Locklar on a recent morning at the Horizons community on Logan Martin Lake

Nancy Locklar has for many years suffered from a condition that, if given a clinical name, might be called lacus febricula.  

To say it causes her to suffer, though, would be an overstatement, since the symptoms of “lake fever” aren’t exactly unpleasant.  

“I love getting on a boat and being on the lake,” the local real estate agent said.  “I work a lot, but when I have time off, I love to get a float and lay out on the lake.”

Now the owner of Realty Executives, which opened in April on Martin Street South in Pell City Marketplace, she has specialized in lakefront property sales here for the past five years.  She previously resided in Eufaula, where she first contracted lake fever, even though “they have more than one alligator there.”

Locklar spent a recent morning at the Horizons community on Logan Martin Lake, discussing her work, travels and thoughts about the area’s growth potential.

 Nancy Sells The Lake:  “A lot of what I do is simply teaching people about our area.  One of the selling points is that we have some of the easiest, cheapest living here with very low property taxes, which is why my husband and I moved here.”

On local growth:  “It’s teetering on there being a pretty big explosion here if we keep pushing people to keep pushing.  The new hospital is already attracting people.  A majority of the population is about to become retirees, and they want access to good health care and other things, but they don’t want the hustle and bustle.”

An example:  “A couple from California sold their house, got in an RV, shopped the lakes between us and Georgia and bought a house here.  They just love it.”

Flying the friendly skies:  She was a flight attendant for seven years.  “I loved, loved, loved, loved, loved it.”  She was in the air at the time of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, and eventually made a career change during the subsequent decline in air travel.  She remains a travel enthusiast.

Her favorite destination:  “Australia.  We rented an RV and drove through the country.  They are the nicest people you’ll ever meet.”  She names Mexico as her most exotic destination and the Holy Land as the place she’d most like to visit.

The book, CD and meal with which she’d prefer to be stranded on a desert island: “Gone With the Wind, Aerosmith’s all-time greatest hits and spaghetti.”

How she describes herself:  “Aggressive, spontaneous and really motivated.  I’ve done a lot of careers, and I’ve gone at all of them really hard.”

The best advice she ever received:  “Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer.  That’s probably the reason I don’t let anyone hurt my feelings.  If you want it, ‘no’ is not an option.”

Something an acquaintance would be surprised to know about her:  “I don’t hide much.  I’m so open and out there that if there’s something someone doesn’t know, it’s probably something they don’t need to know.”

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