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David Bise is looking forward to bringing out the arts of the greater Pell City area.

David Bise is looking forward to bringing out the artistic side of St. Clair County. Recently named Gallery Coordinator of Artscape Gallery on Cogswell Avenue in Pell City, David looks forward to introducing several new pilot programs for Artscape and the Council of the Arts in 2012.

A St. Louis native, David made his way to Alabama because of an affair of the heart—his wife of 13 years Merry.

“Merry and I enjoy the lakes and our pets or ‘kids’ as we like to call them.”

Arriving in Pell City in 1996, David says he wishes he had made the move a lot sooner.

“The people are great. Really easy going, helpful, courteous and supportive.”

His love of giving back through community involvement with rotary, the Pell City Center, Civitans and the library, keeps David a very busy man.

Tell us something not everyone knows about you: “People would be surprised to know I flew my first helicopter when I was 13. And that I rebuilt an aircraft engine before my first car engine with my dad in our garage.”

What was your profession before retiring: “I was in Life Safety Fire Protection Special Hazards for 14 years.”

What he does for fun: “Still aviation—I love that. I also draw whenever I get a chance to.”

Relaying his love of…: “Baseball. Being from St. Louis, I’m a Cardinals fan, but I must admit, I have gotten caught up in the football frenzy in Alabama.”

Favorite music: “I love music—period and the performing arts. I was once in Beauty and the Beast. I played the beast—I had a lot more hair back then.”

How he got started in the arts: “I’ve been drawing since I can remember. I credit my mom for that. I was also involved with the arts center in St. Charles in Missouri.”

How he plans to make his mark as President for the Council of the Arts: “I was surprised that the Council of the Arts and the performing arts at the Pell City Center weren’t working together because this would be a true benefit to the community. We’ve decided to include each other in one another’s missions as well as host charitable events to help other nonprofits in the area.”

Events he’d like to see around town: “We’re actually working on an event called Taste of the Arts. It’s tentatively set for June. It will feature around 18 local restaurants, a silent auction and door prizes. Taste of the Arts will be held at the Pell City Center and tickets will be $30 for general admission, $27.50 for seniors and $45 for elite VIP. It will be a good shared adventure.”

What draws people to Artscape: “Artscape has the largest collection, in the area, of multi-media artists that have come from all over. The gallery itself is home to the Council of the Arts. We host Art Camp in July and we have an outreach program with students throughout St. Clair County through our School of Arts Showcase. This year there were 82 pieces of art that we will rotate through the gallery. These students have incredible talent. You’ll be wonderfully amazed.”

His plan to expand the Council of the Arts: “The Council of the Arts is working on some large outreach programs and charitable fundraisers. We have new membership meetings the second Tuesday of every month and quarterly gallery nights. Chartering new programs, we hope to also incorporate a music and poet and writers program.”

The canvas he hopes to cover: “Artscape is expanding to encompass all media. We’re looking for new artists and now offer bridal registry so please contact me or Sharon Meadows at 205-884-ARTS (2787) or go to our now interactive website, www.councilofthearts.org.”

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