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Springville native Bradley Watts has enjoyed an accomplished college career at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

The best advice he ever received:  “There are no short cuts in life.  An older fraternity brother drilled that into me.  Work hard, do your best, and don’t scoot around things.  Most times, those who do that end up failing, not just in the classroom.”  

About his hometown:  “I was born and raised in Springville.  My family has been there for quite some time.  I love being with friends, family, and community.  I love my hometown.  I love going home and seeing old friends and friendly faces.”

Settling on UAB:  Watts was accepted at Alabama, Auburn, Emory University, and Vanderbilt, “but there was something about UAB that drew me here.  I got great scholarships from UAB, which is a blessing, and it’s in close proximity to home.”

Does he have any aspirations for public office?:  “I get asked that a lot, and my fiance and I talk about it, but I’m not sure.  I’m looking forward to getting into the phase of life where we settle down to a middle class lifestyle, but one day Rep. (Jim) McClendon will retire, and when that day comes, I may step up and run.  But right now, who knows?”

His family:  The son of David and Angie Watts, his younger brother Brandon is a senior at Springville High.  “He’s the drum major and president of the Beta Club, like I was.  He’s a good leader at SHS, probably better than I was, but if he ever finds that out, what leverage do I have as a big brother?”

In the Tigers’ marching band:  He played tenor saxophone before becoming drum major.  “I don’t know if I played it that well, but I tried hard.  Since I’ve been in college, I haven’t had time for it.”

His fiancee:  Katelyn Englert, a native of New Orleans.  She’s a registered nursing intern at UAB Hospital.

Their wedding:  It’s tentatively set for June 2012.  “We’ve only been engaged four months, but the planning has already been stressful.”

If he happened to be stranded on a desert island with one CD, meal, and book:  “The CD would be Garth Brooks’ “Greatest Hits.”  I’ve have a deep mental connection with him that goes way, way back.  The meal would be spinach quesadillas from a Mexican restaurant, and assuming I could have two books, they would be my Bible and ‘Gone With the Wind.’  Those are good choices for a Southern boy.”

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