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Election Day Nov. 3rd.

Absentee voting in St. Clair County is off to a strong start.

Revenue Commissioner Kenneth Crowe said about 2,500 ballots have been requested so far. “They’re coming back in now,” he said. “I think COVID has run the number up. People don’t want to stand in line.”

In order to vote absentee, voters can either download the form requesting a ballot from the St. Clair Revenue Office website at or from the Secretary of State’s website at or get an application in person at the Revenue Commissioner’s office in either Pell City or Asheville. Voters may also contact the Secretary of State’s Office at 334-242-7210 to request an absentee ballot application.

Due to the declared states of emergency, any qualified voter who determines it is impossible or unreasonable to vote at their polling place shall be eligible to check the box on the absentee ballot application that is most applicable to that individual. In the case none of the boxes are appropriate, voters can check the box which reads as follows:

“I have a physical illness or infirmity which prevents my attendance at the polls. [ID REQUIRED]”

Once voters receive their ballots they can either mail them in or return them in person to the Asheville or Pell City office of the Revenue Commissioner.

For the Nov. 3 General Election, the deadline to register to vote is Monday, Oct. 19, the deadline to submit an absentee ballot application is Thursday, October 29, the deadline to return an absentee ballot to the Absentee Election Manager is the close of business Monday, November 2, and the last day to postmark an absentee ballot is Monday, November 2.

“It’s a real simple process,” said Crowe.

According to Secretary of State John Merrill, so far, 162,040 absentee ballots have been requested and 91,786 have been successfully returned for the General Election on Nov. 3.

In order to protect the safety and well-being of voters, Merrill encourages those who are concerned about contracting or spreading the coronavirus to apply for and cast an absentee ballot.

Crowe also noted that people looking for information on the constitutional amendments can also find plain language explanations on the Secretary of State’s website.

There are six proposed amendments on the ballot; two of which apply only to specific counties.

The other amendments would allow for a rewrite of the state constitution to remove racist language and repetitive or outdated language - the rewrite would later have to be ratified by voters; changes the initial term of office for a judge who is appointed to a seat due to a vacancy; adds members to the Judicial Inquiry Commission, changes how the administrative director of the courts and a member of the Court of the Judiciary are appointed, and changes how judges are removed from office; and changes the state constitution to say “only a citizen of the United States has a right to vote.”

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