Abigail Virginia

 Abigail Virginia's single First Time

Abigail Virginia, the 2018 Miss Springville, is a ray of sunshine with her warm smile and long, blonde locks. But, when Abigail Virginia sings, something unexpected flows out. She has a soulful, alto voice that evokes a deep well of emotion. Abigail Virginia grew up singing in church. She paid tribute to Adele’s Someone Like You in the 2018 Miss Springville Pageant to a standing ovation. Abigail Virginia, a Springville native, performed at Springville’s annual Springfest her senior year in 2019.

Currently, she is a student at the University of North Alabama in Florence majoring in Entertainment Industries Studies. Music is her passion. She is a post-millennial with a business mind and strong work ethic centered around her dream of being a professional singer and songwriter.

Her first single, First Time, is a melancholy ballad she penned with co-authors Meagan Connors, Brad McKearin and David Braunscheidel. The inspiration for the song was about accepting the realities of disappointment in life as you move forward in maturity. First Time was produced and recorded in Muscle Shoals in association with Fame Studios. Her EP is in the works to be published in early 2021. Her single, First Time, can be found on iTunes, Google Music, YouTube, Amazon and more. And on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AbigailVirginia123.

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