In its eighth year to award grants to teachers the Leeds Education Foundation (LEF) received its highest number of applicants this year with 55 teachers applying for much needed grants.
“They were all so good it was hard to choose,” said LEF president Vicky Dean. “It was really exciting for all of us.”
Leeds Elementary School was the biggest recipient with 18 teachers winning grants, three middle school teachers and the history team at the high school being the sole receivers at the high school.
“We enjoyed writing this grant,” said Leeds High School (LHS) history teacher Lonnie Goldberg. “We had a good time with it and look forward to implementing it in the classroom.”
Goldberg and his history comrades at LHS received $632.40 for their project titled, The HRI: The History Reading Initiative.
Leeds Middle School band director Adam Truesdale received a $750 for his project—Music Matters.
“This grant is going to be used to educate our students on music literature,” said Truesdale. “Thank you.”
Kevin Faught, a seventh grade social studies teacher at LMS, received a $140 grant for his Caravan project.
“We’re studying world geography and will caravan for treasure and artifacts,” said Faught. “Through this they will learn about other cultures and it will help enrich them.”
First year teacher Amy Cannova who teaches first grade at LES is excited to fill her classroom with books!
“As a first year teacher my library wasn’t where it needs to be,” said Cannova. “This is so important and I thank you so much because in my classroom Reading is First (also the name of her project).’”
Several of the elementary school grant recipients added to their classroom libraries in order develop stronger readers. 
Expressing their excitement and gratitude all of the LEF grant winners extended two words to the foundation—thank you.
Overall $10,044.45 in grants was awarded to the teachers.
Summing up the spirit of LEF and these grant recipients, Leeds City Schools Superintendent John J. Moore said, “We’re here today because of people who care.”
The complete list of LEF grant recipients are:
From LES: Anna Carlisle, Rebekah Miller, Jennifer McLaughlin, Stormy Luker, Kathy Bishop, Rachel Stewart, Anita Gay, Cassie Pulliam, Jessica Spitzer, Katherine Osmer, Aimee Cannova, Kim Van Valkenburgh (Project Lead for the Special Education team of teachers), Kristin Price, Jessica Rose, Kathryn Phillips, Michelle Darabaris, Allison Etheredge and Katherine Broome.
From LMS: Kevin Faught, Brittney Hallmark and Adam Truesdale.
From LHS: The History Department Teachers, Lonnie Goldberg (Project Lead), Steven Porter, Cristina Allen and Rayford Williams.


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