-- Highway 25 rezoning: In April, the Leeds City Council voted to rezone a portion of Highway 25 as residential land. However, the city was sued for not sending the required registered letters to all property owners within 500 feet, thus making the actions invalid. While Mayor Eric Patterson and Councilman Kenneth Washington asserted that by going on the record against the action at public meetings, they proved they had the required notice, the city council voted unanimously to send the action back to the Planning and Zoning commission to ensure that the prescribed notification process was followed. The temporary moratorium on building permits in this area will continue until the issue is resolved.

-- Mayor Eric Patterson stated that City Engineer Frank Spencer recently conducted a study that found that the proposed location for a new Leeds fire station on Highway 78 would have the same or less traffic than the site on Highway 119 during peak hours. Patterson said the plans for the site exist, but would depend on how the station is turned in relation to the roads.

-- A public hearing is scheduled Sept. 19 for a tax abatement for a grocery store interested in developing the old Food World building on Parkway Drive. Patterson said Mitchell Foods, LLC, is unsure as to the name of the new grocery store, but the company current operates Food Giant in Moody, along with other stores. Patterson noted that the development on Parkway Drive rather than on the Exit 140 area means that all tax revenues generated would go directly to the city of Leeds, rather than paying off bond issues as it would near the Shops of Grand River and Bass Pro development. Patterson estimated that the store would be ready to open in January or February if all goes well.

Pick up a copy of Thursday's St. Clair News-Aegis print edition for more information on these and other happenings at Monday's meeting.

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