James McGowan

James McGowan has  declared  his  candidacy for  the  position of City Council  Member of District 2.  He, is starting his campaign by reaching out to you, his friends, and  the leaders in our  communities.

Mr. McGowan is a retired educator, a City Council  Member For 8 terms and  presently a deputy sheriff  of St. Clair County. During those  years, he has helped  to make a difference in the continued growth of our  great city.  That time frame allowed  him the  privilege  to serve  as Mayor Pro­ Tempore for 14 years  and Council President for 8 years.

He acknowledges this year  that  we are  experiencing global,  ideological, and  atmospheric changes and  he feels that  a person  with  experiences of the past is most capable and  equipped to successfully move into this new phase of change with experience, continuity, and  true  commitment.

Looking back  from  past  years  and  continually pressing forward, Mr. McGowan has been a significant part  of tremendous growth  and progressive changes in our  city.

These  changes have not only opened  doors  for  population growth in our city, but economic growth by expanding existing  businesses and  opening new ones;  and  quality of life with  many  cultural, professional, indoor and   outdoor  activities.   Growth  comes  with   planning  and   planning comes with experience.

"I have experienced and  supported much  growth in the city that  I love and  have  received  much  support from  you over  the years. I am asking you again  for your support which gives me the will, strength, and  power to continue to work for our  home town!"

"I solicit your  vote on August  25, 2020."

Additional information forthcoming! Stay connected to progress!

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