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The shell of the couple’s home on Pinedale drive was all that remained after the fire last week.

Diane, 52, and Jesse, 62, McDannel were found dead on their property July 15 in Springville after a murder-suicide.

St. Clair Sheriff’s Dept. Chief Investigator Joe Sweatt said a Pinedale volunteer fireman saw a fire on Pinedale Road and alerted officials. After arriving and securing the scene, officers found Jesse‘s body in the barn, about 200 feet from the house. Diane’s body was found inside the house in the bedroom after the fire was extinguished. Sweatt said the house was totally destroyed.

Dennis Russell, St. Clair County coroner, said Jesse died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound and Diane died of a gunshot wound.

The McDannel’s lived on DJM Ranch where they raised Quarter Horses and Anatolian Shepherd dogs. Sweatt said they do not know why Jesse shot his wife and himself.

“I don’t think we’ll ever know,” Sweatt said.

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