Chris Hill - Springville Elementary

Hill has worked for the St. Clair County School System for 25 years

The St. Clair County BOE approved Chris Hill as principal for Springville Elementary last Monday at the regular meeting.  

Hill has been the assistant principal at Springville Elementary for 19 years.  

“I’m just excited to be the leader of the school that I love, and the kids that I really care about. It’s an exciting move,” said Hill. 

He said he’s looking forward to continuing to support the students and community he loves. 

“Interacting with students, faculty and the community are the most fun parts of the job. Going to football games on Friday nights and being in classrooms with all the kids is what I look forward to the most,” he said. 

Springville’s board member, Mike Hobbs, has had three of his own kids go through Springville Elementary while Hill served as vice principal. He said he knows Hill will do fantastic because of his commitment to the kids. 

“They love him, every one of them hang off of him like a tree; he does a great job,” said Hobbs.  

Marie Manning, Ragland’s board member, hired him as a teacher at the beginning of his career. He was a social science teacher for six years at Ashville Middle School.  

“He was an excellent teacher,” she said. 

Manning also shared that she has celebrated a lot of ups and downs with Hill, and is very proud of who he has become. 

“I can’t say enough good about Chris Hill. He is a fine man and we’ve done well tonight,” said Manning.  

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