Kay Ivey

Alabamians are working to help flatten the COVID-19 curve and according to Gov. Kay Ivey it appears to be working. Officials stress that although they are seeing the number of cases slowing, it is not time to relax just yet. In a press conference Monday morning, Ivey urged residents to continue to stay at home.

Her administration is working on developing plans on how to restart the state economy sooner rather than later. ā€œIā€™m getting a lot of advice on what we could do, should do or must do to get our economy going, but my staff and I are taking every suggestion seriously,ā€ she said.

Ivey hopes to begin cultivating a plan of action moving forward and hopes to have a recommendation ready before the current stay-at-home order ends April 30.

Ivey said 264,000 Alabamians have applied for unemployment benefits in the last four weeks with more than 4,500 of those claims being from St. Clair County. That number jumping 1,683 claims in the county since March 14.

State Health Officer Scott Harris said that testing is available in every county and that Alabama is prepared to handle additional cases. Harris said Alabama is expected to see COVID-19 cases peak from April 20-22. He urged Alabamians to adhere to the guidelines the state has put into place to onto to help prevent the spread.

As of 10:00 a.m. Wednesday there were 46 confirmed cases out of the 431 St. Clair County residents who had been tested.

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