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Patrick Green and Gene Carter, SCCHS

Grades:  Seniors.


Green:  Patrick and Sherri Green.

Carter:  Teresa Carter.


Green:  Linebacker and fullback.

Carter:  Right guard and defensive end.

Other varsity sports

Green:  Basketball, track, and he’s trying out for baseball this year.

Carter:  Third baseman for the Saints’ baseball team.

Their favorite sports

Green:  “Football.  I think I’m a lot better at football.”

Carter:  “Football.  It’s more physical.”

Offense or defense?

Green:  “Defense.  I like shutting down an opposing offense.  I don’t want them to get even one yard.”

Carter:  “Offense.  I like to score.  It’s more fun.”

The team they’d most like to beat this season

Green and Carter:  “Moody.”

Hopes for their senior seasons:

Green:  “We may be small in numbers -- 40 to 50 players -- but it’ll be fun.”

Carter:  “I think we’ll do really good.  Everybody else seems not to think so, but we’re going to surprise them.”

Their favorite subjects:  

Green:  Math and science.

Carter:  History and science.

After high school

Green:  “I like the dream of going to Miami University to play football and study business.”

Carter:  “Hopefully college for baseball or football and to study for a career in business or accounting.”

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