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Keaton Glass, LHS

Grade:  Senior.

Parents:  Marty and Angie Glass.

Position:  Kicker.

Other varsity sports:  Soccer.

Does playing soccer help with football?:  “I’ve played soccer my whole life, but I’ve only played football since middle school.  It’s helped a lot.”

His favorite:  “That’s a tough decision.  I’m on the field more in soccer, but a kicker in football goes in under tougher situations.”

His longest field goal:  “In a game, 42 yards.  It hit one from 50 yards in practice, but I’ve never attempted one that long in a game situation.”

Which is more important: distance or accuracy?:  “I’ve heard coaches at kicking camps consistently say that they’d rather have someone who can make it consistently in the low range than somebody who can kick a 50 or 60-yard field goal.  They preach that a lot.”

The team he’d most like to beat this year:  “Of course, that would be Moody.  And Handley.  They’ll be a tough opponent, so kicking their butt will be good.”

After high school:  “I’m not sure yet.  I’d like to attend Alabama or Vanderbilt, depending on my ACT score and scholarship money.  I’d like to pursue a career in some form of mathematics.”

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