After weathering the possible dissolution of their church, the Wattsville Church of God is toiling once more to keep their ministry alive through renovating the church’s parsonage into a usable church building.

The Church of God’s Men and Women of Action arrived in Wattsville on Sept. 16, and have been working on repairing the parsonage from its skeleton up.

While the Church of God headquarters gave them the OK to repair the parsonage, and event sent Men and Women of Action to volunteer the labor, they stipulated that the congregation had to pay for all of the materials for the repair. Since then, checks have been flowing into the church’s mailbox in support of their mission.

“We are so amazed ourselves, several people [that sent money] didn’t even know what was going on,” Interim Pastor Margaret Gaines said. “I got $1,000 from Texas, a friend sent a check and said, ‘I just feel like you need this for something.’ … It’s really amazing how God is sending us the workers and the money.”

The former church, which arrived at its current location in 1946, has had previous termite infestation, as well as current problems with mold, wood worms and leaks, which Gaines said would make it unsafe to worship in through the winter. By renovating the parsonage, the 15-member congregation can continue their mission of reaching out to those in need in the Wattsville area.

“I’m hoping that we can get the message across that God doesn’t just safe, he renovates,” she said. “Like we’re renovating that parsonage, He renovates lives.”

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