It’s that time of year again-yes, the time when most of us make some kind of New Year’s resolution. If you have resolved to do a better job of managing your money in 2010, the St. Clair County Extension office can help. We provide research-based information on many topics, including financial management.

Unfortunately, too many individuals and families today experience financial crisis because of inadequate savings, too much debt, and poor planning for potential major life events. More than half of Americans report living paycheck to paycheck.

The best way to gain control of your finances is to establish and manage a plan for spending. Good money management is a habit. It is an everyday task, especially if you need to stick to a plan to make ends meet. It requires knowledge, skills and motivation to accomplish. The calendar provides a place to list fixed, occasional and flexible expenses for each month of the year. Using the calendar regularly not only can help you build better money management skills but can also help you determine comfort levels with using a budget.

Thousands of people over the years have learned that keeping a money management calendar helps them manage their money better. The Alabama Cooperative Extension System’s money management calendar starts with budget suggestions and easy-to-follow explanations of how to use the calendar, how to use a checking account and other helpful information. Charts for each month and timely tips can help you get through the year with more control over your finances.

The St. Clair County Extension office now has copies of the 2010 Money Management calendar available. Stop by or call for your free copy today! Our office is located in Suite 103/BO4 on the lower level of the St. Clair County Courthouse in Pell City. You can also access the calendar or other publications online from your home computer. It’s easy! Just visit our website at and click on publications at the top of the page. This allows you to access reliable, research-based information at your convenience-24 hours a day.

If you have questions or need further information about this topic or to request your free copy of the 2010 Money Management Calendar please contact Lee Ann Clark, County Extension Coordinator, by phone at (205) 338-9416 or by email at

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