Election turnout


Riverside Mayor Rusty Jessup swept the race against Johnny Osborn 294 votes to 72.

District 2 incumbent councilman Frank Riddle kept his seat with 76 votes to Sandra Kerr’s 43. City councilman Todd Pierce retained his seat in district 5 against Don Urso by three votes, 51-48.

Pell City

Challenger Ivi McDaniel unseated incumbent James McGowan for the District 2 seat. McDaniel picked up 242 votes to McGowan’s 163.

Incumbent Mayor Bill Pruitt claimed a resounding victory against Jonna Roberson with 1,472 votes to 552. “I am so grateful to everyone who has supported me during the last four years and continues to do so as we move into the next,” Pruitt said.

The school board race for district 5 will go to runoff on Oct. 6. Incumbent Tammie Williams received 297 votes, while Greg Crump received 290. Shulanda Keller received 71 votes. The district 3 seat went to incumbent Laurie Mize Henderson with 156 votes to Demetria Shepard’s 74.

In the final race for District 4 seat Jason Mitcham won re-election with 514 votes to Maurice Keller’s 141.


Springville incumbent Mayor William “Butch” Isley Jr. was defeated by Dave Thomas with 883 votes to Isley’s 437.

The rest of the ballot went mainly to incumbents. City Council District 1 went to Herbert Toles in a 77-16 win over Ronnie Newsome. David Vinson for District 2 and District 5’s Tim Walker also won re-election to the council.

There will be runoffs for Springville’s District 6 seat after Chip Martin and Marshall Parker both received 53 votes, and for the District 7 seat, between Jeff Martin and Sherry Reaves.


In Margaret, Jeff Wilson will return as mayor. Wilson, who served as mayor from 1992-2012 beat Kerry McIntyre and Charles Hicks Sr. to regain his old office.

Incumbent Justice Carter will remain as District 2 councilman beating Delmetrius “Dee” Bishop, 62 votes to 10.

“I greatly appreciate all the love and support from my family and friends. As well as my opponent, Dee, a man with great character and respect, just wanted to thank him specifically for a clean race.” Carter shared via Facebook.

Matthew Tortorice and Matthew Daw held a tight race for the District 4 seat with Tortorice winning by just 20 votes of 113-93.


Ragland voters stuck with the incumbents as Mayor Richard Bunt beat Greg Estes, 241 votes to 102.

“Thank you to the people of Ragland and all the support you have shown me. God bless you all, and I pray for a great future and good luck for your elected mayor, Richard Bunt,” Estes shared via Facebook.

Incumbent Lenn Ford held off David Yance for the district 2 seat, 41 votes to 25.


Incumbent Betty Bradley defeated Shawn-Patrick Hynes, 296 votes to 71.

Danny McCarley won the District 4 seat by a close call against Eric Gelnn Springer with 187 votes to 156.

Incumbent Councilwoman Ann Brown won over challenger Stephanie E. Hynes for the district 5 seat.


With the only race on the ballot, Incumbent City Councilman Lynn Taylor won re-election with 199 votes against Jeff Green’s 170.


Incumbent Mayor Derrick Mostella will serve a second term as mayor beating challenger and former Mayor Robert McKay 370 votes to 254.

McKay was Ashville Mayor from 2000-2015 until Mostella was elected to office in 2016.

Councilwoman Sue Price will keep her district 3 seat defeating Randy MacKay, 344 votes to 273.

In a close race, Robin Bowlin and Jonathan VanPelt ran for the District 4 seat being vacated by David Thompson. Bowlin won by 52 votes, 335-283.

Kiley Phillips and Edward Roscoe Lane are headed for a runoff for the District 5 seat. Phillips received the most votes with 231, but he fell short of the 50 percent plus one needed to win. Lane received 216 votes, and Curtis Phillips received 163.


Roger C. Adams will return as the mayor of Steele. Adams won with 215 votes while Henry Whisenant Jr. gained 80, while Martha J. Stewart received 14.

In the race for the District 5 seat, local business owner Tammy Deweese took the victory over Henry Whisenant Sr., 237-66.

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