The United States is at a cross road as a world power.  It would appear that we are being defeated in a war where we have not fired a shot.   We currently are restructuring our military, reducing manpower to levels not seen since WWII.  Why are we doing that?  Can a country have a weak economy and a strong military?
In many ways our military responds to economic weaknesses with a response similar to private individuals.  Our military requirements include research and development of military equipment and purchase of armaments and supplies.   Military arms are useless without soldiers, sailors, and airmen that know how to operate them.  There must be people with spare parts to keep the weapons systems operable.  The military picture is completed with food, bullets, fuel, clothes, medical services, and other expendables like shoes and tires.  Our military runs on tax dollars.
Our businesses and homes are not so different. We must acquire our homes, home furnishings, food, cars, and trucks.  All of those things require some maintenance.  We must replace light bulbs, repair roofs, service our vehicles, and refresh air filters, mow lawns, etc. Our homes require energy to keep them warm or cool and our vehicles need fuel if we don’t want to walk.
We need money to pay the cost of operating our home.  When we are fully employed we can buy new things, cars, TVs, computers, and if we have some surplus, maybe a boat or a vacation.  Oh yes, when we are employed, we are allowed to pay more taxes.  A portion of the taxes we pay funds the military.   Fully funded, the military can buy new weapons, hire and train additional soldiers, sailors, or airmen.  They spend our tax money.
Thugs don’t attack people they believe will defeat them.  Thugs will look for weaker targets, people they can defeat.  The same applies to countries; they don’t attack a country that has a stronger, more powerful military.  Generals and Admirals as a class hate to loose a war but they relish the opportunity to win one.  
Why even fight a war if you can defeat a country economically?  Countries can be defeated economically.  Defeat them economically and you have defeated their military without firing a shot.  Look at what happen the USSR’s military after the collapse of the Soviet economy.  Multi-billion dollar submarines, the pride of the Soviet Navy sat at the docks, too expensive to operate in a failing economy.  The Soviet military was in total disarray.  How did they manage to rebuild their military?  The Russians began by rebuilding their economy.  The new Russian economy has been built on energy, coal, natural gas and crude oil.  
The United States economy is being destroyed by our government killing jobs.  The Government is restricting energy production, distribution and availability.  The federal government is restricting the distribution of energy at affordable rates forcing the American public and industry to become invested in alternate, green energy.  Wars are not green.  If we want to protect the environment, we need to maintain a defensive posture that discourages other national powers from testing us in every backwater country around the world.  Tanks and bombs make a mess of the environment. 
Russia is attempting to reconstitute their empire and they are doing it without fear of intervention from the United States.  Russia knows what it is like to become a third rate power.  They know what happened to their economy and the effect it had on their economic stability, on their social stability, and their ability to defend their country.  The Russians, by experience, have learned that their economic and military strength are coupled.  Both must be strong if the country is to be strong and stable.  If you will note, people with jobs and mortgages normally do not leave work to attend protest rallies.  It is those with out work, the under-employed that show up for the protests.
We have all the resources needed to have the world’s strongest economy and to maintain the finest military in the world.   Our government should decide to promote our economy, an economy that when fully employing the available work force is the strongest in the world.  Economically strong countries can afford strong defense.  Countries that are broke take over targets.  It is our choice.


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