Capital Imp. Meeting

Members of the Pell City council, as well as Mayor Pruitt, listened to proposals brought by different department heads on Nov. 16.

Members of the Pell City government, including the mayor, fire and police chiefs and city council, met Monday night at City Hall for a Capital Improvement meeting for Fiscal Year 2020-2021.

There were various speakers from multiple departments making proposals before Council President Jud Alverson.

Departments, speakers and notable proposals are listed as follows:

Greg Gossett, Street Department

- The streetlight by Publix needs to be repaired and reconfigured on its loop.

- Multiple railroad crossings are in need of repair.

- Industrial Drive needs to be paved.

- Need a power generator to be fixed/purchased. According to Gossett, they still could have been in operation in case a storm took out the power, such as the one that came through Pell City a few weeks ago.

Paul Irwin, Police Department

- The purchase of an animal transport vehicle for Animal Control. According to Irwin, this would ensure the safe transport of animals and aid workers in their everyday tasks.

- Three patrol vehicles

- Five unmarked Tahoes

Tim Kurzejeski, Fire Department

- Paint modifications for a fire truck

- The department and council expressed a desire to work on the response rate for some of the older fire stations by finding a way to improve traffic around the stations.

Bubba Edge, Parks & Recreation

- Edge wants to purchase a miniature service fan to deliver meals to homebound seniors.

- The Civic Center needs audio and video equipment to be installed.

- Parts of the Lakeside Park Walking Trail are in need of repairs.

- Edge wants a restroom facility for the Avondale Walking Track.

There are multiple proposals to improve sports in the area, including:

- Purchasing a complete volleyball system for the Sports Civic Center. This would allow for the creation of a youth volleyball league.

- Adding a playground in between the baseball and softball fields

- Connecting the baseball and softball fields with an asphalt walkway

- Adding roofs and lights to the batting cages

- Removing and installing LED lights at the sports complex

Brian Muenger, City Manager

- Proposal to update the servers needed for telework and other forms of IT

- Proposal for the upfitting of firetrucks for the Fire Department

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