PC jail

The demolition of the decades-old St. Clair County Jail in Pell City is underway. Workers and demolition equipment have been on-site for the destruction since the beginning of last week.

In a string of moves approved by the St. Clair County Commission, the jail, located behind the courthouse, is being destroyed and replaced for additional parking in downtown Pell City.

According to county attorney James Hill, the jail’s required upkeep was no longer cost-effective. The construction of a new jail is not expected to lead to any tax changes in order to generate revenue for the project.

The demolition is to be followed by the construction of a new jail in St. Clair County. Additionally, renovations are to be completed at the jail located in Ashville.

Goodgame Construction Company will construct the new jail. The location and a timeline for its completion have not been released.

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