Last Friday evening, Mayor Bill Hereford kicked off the Greater Pell City Chamber of Commerce Annual Block Party with a rousing speech. The event was a tremendous success. Vendors ranged from sausage and pepper sandwiches to stuff-your-own-dolls booths. The entertainment included beach music, square dancing, country music and dance performances.

Tommy Bowers, a member of the event organization team, estimates that there could have been as many as 14,000 people in attendance.

Pam Anderson, team member, said, “It was just fabulous. All the elements came together. Everyone was happy. The vendors were happy and had no complaints.”

“How can I put it into words how wonderful it was?” asked Lynn Batemon, team member.

The weather was clear and in the 70s with a light breeze. “I think the weather was a major factor. Of course, we ordered it ahead of time,” Batemon said jokingly. “Someone said to me, ‘This is Chamber of Commerce weather.’ I think it helped to encourage the tremendous crowd and I think it was linked to how long people stayed.”

According to both Adamson and Bateman there was still a large crowd at 11 p.m.

The children’s area was expanded this year. “Adding the new train to the kids area and expanding the area was a great success. It was crowded but with the extra space it made it so much better,” said Adamson.

According to sources, CVS’s parking lot was packed, the steakhouse parking was full and people were parking as far away as Snow White Cleaners.

There will be a “wrap up” meeting held in the next couple of weeks. At this meeting, they will discuss what went well, things that need improvement and new ideas for next year.

“The Block Party is the biggest reunion in town every year,” said Batemon.

By Susan Strawn Britt

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