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The county results from the Nov. 3 general election are in.

The voting and turnout results are in for St. Clair County.

According to Probate Judge Mike Bowling, the county had a “good turnout” of 65 percent. In total, there were 44,455 votes cast this election, an increase of around 6,000 votes from the previous cycle.

The Probate Office says votes in larger cities in the county saw an increase from 2016, while votes from smaller cities either stagnated or declined from the previous election cycle.

Bowling says that turnout was largely driven from the two biggest races on the ballot: the election for President between Donald Trump and Joe Biden and the Senate race between Doug Jones and Tommy Tuberville.

For the Presidential election, the county voted heavily in favor of Trump, receiving approximately 81 percent of the votes compared to Biden’s 17 percent. At the time of this report, nationally, presumptive President-elect Joe Biden, gained more than 300 electoral votes of the 270 needed.

Newly-elected Senator Tuberville won St. Clair County in a landslide over incumbent Jones receiving 80 percent of the vote.

Despite the election taking place in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bowling believes this election was the smoothest he has been a part of, giving credit to a plethora of individuals who made it possible, including poll workers.

“People need to know all that goes into an election,” Bowling said. “The poll workers are the ones that provided a service to their community.”

Other statewide and countywide elections included:

United States Representative 3rd Congressional District

Mike Rogers (R) – 83 percent

Adia Winfrey (D) – 17 percent

President of the Public Service Commission

Twinkle Andress Cavanaugh (R) – 81 percent

Laura Casey (D) – 19 percent

District Option for St. Clair County

Yes – 50.68 percent

No – 49.32 percent

Statewide Amendment 1

Yes – 83 percent

No – 17 percent

Statewide Amendment 2

No – 55 percent

Yes – 45 percent

Statewide Amendment 3

Yes – 65 percent

No – 35 percent

Statewide Amendment 4

Yes – 57 percent

No – 43 percent

Statewide Amendment 5

Yes – 78 percent

No – 22 percent

Statewide Amendment 6

Yes – 79 percent

No – 21 percent

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