Congratulations to Carl and Candi Johnson Jones of Coal City upon the arrival of their baby boy! Little Master John William Jones made his debut Monday, January 4, 2010. He weighed in at 7 pounds and 8 ounces and was 21 inches long. His little 21-month old sister, Aubrey Grace, welcomes him home. Little Master John William is a beautiful baby. He has black hair. Candi told me he looks just like his daddy.

Proud Grandparents are Reverend Johnny and Leamona Bice Jones of Coal City and Royce and Marie Johnson of Gadsden. Great-Grandparents are Johnny and Margaret Holmes and Betty and Frank Johnson all of Gadsden. Great-Great Grandmother is Lillian Yates of Roanoke, Alabama.

Happy birthday to my nephew and great-nephew, Roger Dale Scott and Steven Dale Scott (father and son)who both will celebrate January 14th, Grady Tollison, January 16th, Landon King, January 17th, my grandson, Barron Scott, Deborah Golden and J.P. Willingham who all three celebrate January 18!

Barron Scott who is the son of my son, Randy Scott and Stacey Mulvehill and also the grandson of Wallace Scott will be 21 years old January 18th. It’s difficult for me to accept that Barron will be 21 years old. It seems only yesterday that he was a little boy. I was his baby-sitter and was with him much of the time during his growing up years. Words could never express how precious Barron is to me and how precious he was to my late mother, Orene Thornburg Black. She thought the sun rose and set on Barron. In fact, she would sing, “You Are My Sunshine” to him and bought him a music box with the tape of “You Are My Sunshine” and gave it to him one Christmas when he was a little boy. Of course, I would sing lullabies to him when I would rock him to sleep. And I read stories to him and taught him from the Bible. Barron was two and one half years old when my son, Timothy Paul Scott passed away. Barron could never take Paul’s place in our lives, however, he did help to soften the blow and fill the void.

Our sincere sympathy and prayers are with the family of Mr. Tommy smith who passed away recently, also to the family of the 14-year-old girl of Ragland who was killed in the auto accident and all other families who are recently bereaved.

When you have news items that you’d like to be published in this column, would you please call me by Friday before the paper comes out on Thursday and give me your information? I would greatly appreciate it.

Let us especially remember in prayer our college students who have started back to college after their holiday vacation. Pray for all personnel of our colleges/universities.

Also let us keep a continual prayer vigil for our troops, their families, especially those families who have had a Loved One to pass away in these Gulf Wars, The leaders of our country, state, and local officials, our school/Head Start students and their teachers and other personnel, including the bus drivers, residents and their personnel in nursing homes/assisted living centers, Children’s Homes/orphanages and their personnel and parents or guardians who are the caregivers for foster children, agencies or shelters for abused women and children and all other agencies/institutions which help those who are in need of help or intervention.

I want to conclude my column this week with the following quotation by Thelma Wells:

“Joy is permanent. Once you have it, you never lose it. It may be overshadowed by human frailties, but real joy lasts for eternity.”

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