The final pass of the right-of-way cleanup was scheduled to conclude this week, just days before Operation Clean Sweep moves into St. Clair.

County engineer Dan Dahlke said the right-of-way clean up, performed by the Army Corps of Engineers should be finished by Monday. Due to the large area of St. Clair affected by the April 27 storms, the task has been daunting, a key reason for the initial clean up taking longer than expected.

The County signed on to Operation Clean Sweep last month, a program that allows for public cleanup to be done on someone’s private property.

“We’ve collected a lot of right of entry forms and most of them have been passed through the Corps screening process,” Dahlke said.

As of press time, Dahlke said he had not gotten an update as to exactly when Clean Sweep will begin rolling through the county.

He said the work will be performed by the Corp. overseeing a private contractor.

“They are saying they’ll get out here this week,” Dahlke, who noted not all areas are covered by Clean Sweep. “We’re getting several calls in from other areas that didn’t get inside the Clean Sweep area. We have put in to get those [homes and businesses] outside the grid clean up areas.”

He said it will be the first of next week before residents will be informed if they area approved to have Clean Sweep clean outside the grid area.

The Grid area includes, but it not limited to:

* The Shoal Creek Valley area

* A small area in the Odenville area of Blair Farm Road

* Some areas off Kelly Creek Rd. in Moody/Odenville

* The Heathermore Estates area in the Moody/Leeds section

* An area at/near Gary Allen Trace

* A small portion of Pope’s Chapel

If you have any questions regarding the ongoing cleanup efforts, Dahlke said residents may call the St. Clair Engineering Office at 205-594-2190.

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