Creative expression, celebrating collaborative efforts and honoring the arts is all in a day’s work for the Southern Cultural Arts Foundation (SCAF).

Supporting local artists through regional focus, SCAF has begun its partnership with the City of Pell City. An ongoing exhibit featured at city hall in Pell City currently showcases artwork from Pell City High School students Mark Lee and Hayden Tomlin.

Tomlin is the youngest artist in SCAF and recently won the BETA Award for piano for the state of Alabama.

Also highlighted in the exhibit are drawings done by members of the Boys and Girls Club.

The artwork will rotate out to allow opportunities to display other local artists work as well.

Canvassing the arts (drawers, painters, writers, musicians, performers…) SCAF is promoting one thing—talent.

Having a knack for “practicing what they preach,” the SCAF board of directors is also sharing their gifts with the masses.

Christopher Henley, SCAF Director of performing arts, was named the first prize winner in the 2013 University of Alabama Organ Scholarship Competition.  

SCAF Literary Director Diane Dill’s first book “Love is a Red and White Umbrella,” was published in February and can now be purchased at

Dill is a Riverside resident who describes her book as, “focusing on real love as defined by God’s word versus the world’s view of love.”

Through “Love is a Red and White Umbrella,” Dill strives to help parents strengthen and nurture their children’s spiritual guidance.

Thanking local businesses and civic organizations who have participated in the first annual Student Wall of Art Tour, Dave Bise, SCAF’s Executive Director/President is grateful to the Pell City Chamber of Commerce, The Pell City Coffee Company, Monkey Bizniss and The Brook Besor for supporting SCAF early on.

With the recent grand opening of the Garry House Café in downtown Pell City, SCAF can now add another one-of-a-kind business where local artists such as Nettie Bean, Buddy Spradley, Earl Scoggins, Sarah Deese and photographer Wally Bromberg’s work is displayed.

Known as “A Regional Advocate for the Arts,” SCAF is seeing its vision through, “to advocate, promote and provide resources to individual artists, art organizations and art patrons that qualify to insure the development and sustainability of arts programs for communities, including galleries, art centers and city and county development initiatives for entities of tourism in the Alabama region.”

Living out the motto, “Art for all…all for Art,” SCAF encourages interested parties to contact them regarding membership and/or volunteer opportunities.

Contact SCAF Executive Director Dave Bise at, call 205-639-3565 or visit the SCAF Facebook page to learn more.

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