Social Services Building

The Social Services building in Pell City, which currently houses Community Action, Christian Love Pantry, and other offices. Photo by Urainah Glidewell

As many businesses sweep the dust out, turn on the coffee pot, and re-open their doors, The Christian Love Pantry has been open during the COVID-19 shutdown. 

Just like the grocery stores, they were deemed an essential business. Changes have been made to accommodate both volunteers and clients. Appointments are now made by phone, volunteers wear masks and food is wheeled out to clients who will then be responsible for putting it into their car. After the food is loaded, the basket is returned and the volunteer sanitizes the basket before it is refilled for the next client.

The Christian Love Pantry is now only opened Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  Appointments and necessary documents are completed by phone. Clients are encouraged to continue calling if they receive a busy signal.

If you are a client and haven't received a grocery basket from the Christian Love Pantry in the past six months, are in need of food and still qualify, call the Christian Love Pantry at 205-338-2358 for an appointment. If you need to apply for food assistance, call 205-338-2358 and a volunteers who will be glad to discuss how they can assist you.

Director of the Christian Love Pantry, Alan Foster is trying to figure out when the rush will hit the food pantry. "Throughout the pandemic we have only had about half of our regular clients to contact us and a few new clients each week will sign-up,” Foster stated.

If you live in St. Clair County and have a financial need to assist in feeding your family, the Christian Love Pantry is here, open and ready to help. The Christian Love Pantry is located at 205 Edwin Holladay Place

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