Complete with an Olaf station and Elsa, Chick-fil-A hosted a Frozen Family Night event.
The event began with 400 people trying to beat the heat by getting “Frozen.”
While waiting, one mom confessed her three-year-old Sydney had been talking about this event since Saturday, while another mom of almost four-year-old Chloe says at their home, “Let It Go,” can be heard all the time.
Another Frozen fan, four-year-old Lauren, saw the movie once in the theatre, but once her mom purchased the DVD, it’s now on constant repeat.
“We’re here to be a part of the community,” said Leeds Chick-fil-A marketing director Christy Ellard. “It’s about making little girls and boys’ dreams come true and they’re loving it!”
After thawing from all the Frozen fun, visit the Chick-fil-A Leeds Facebook page for updates on their upcoming events. 


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