When I first began to write the opinion pieces about our school system, I mentally broke the story into three parts: the problem, our need to fix our problem rather than sweep it under the rug and a view of the law and rules that apply to our schools.  

I have talked to more people about this series than any other that I have written, and I am amazed at your responses.  I appreciate your words of thanks but would prefer that you give some thought to “fixing” the problem.

I am concerned that we as a community will allow this problem to pass into history without demanding that it be truly resolved.  I can hear the wheels turning and see the smoke rising over the city as the masters of negative thought begin to explain why it can’t be fixed.  

There will discussions of human nature and they, whoever “they” are, will be given credit for all that has ever happened in the city.  “They” are talked about quietly because “They” are powerful and vindictive.  “They” don’t want to see any change and with their friends “They “will block any positive change.

I have been told that Pell City can’t and won’t ever have a first class school system.  You know, if you truly want anything first class, you must leave town to find it.

We the Citizens of Pell City are the “they!”  If we are willing to accept things as they are, all we need to do is keep fresh batteries in the remote, something in the fridge, and say nothing.  

If you don’t like what has taken place at the Pell City School system then you must do something.  You must raise you voice politely to the leadership of this community.  

I know them, and we have good people in the leadership positions that can implement permanent change.  Don’t leave the school board members, the mayor and city council members guessing. Tell them that you want the problems in our school system fixed.  

We want a school system that is a first class professional educational institution.  First and most importantly, we want the youth of community to receive a truly great education.  

Graduation is only one goal.  Graduates from our schools should be sought after as college students.  Those graduates that choose to enter the employment pool directly out of high school should be able to read, write, and perform the needed math to pass an employment test or gain entry to a trade school.

Sports are fine, but they should not distract or detract from the education process.  It is mandatory if our education system is to function that the discipline in the school system improve.  

The first improvements need to take place at the administrative level.  The administrators should understand that we want our children to be safe from the predatory behavior of students, teachers, and staff.   

Support and understanding of school discipline is one concept that should be an absolute condition of employment if an adult wants to earn a paycheck from the Pell City School system.  Not only must the employees control their behavior, a coverup should be cause for disciplinary action.   

Student discipline must not only address those things of a sexual nature but must positively address bullying actions, hazing etc.

Our leaders are willing to fix the problem but we need to set the standards they will follow.  The leaders of our community must be given the opportunity to know the citizens of the community on a first name basis.  

That is your job.  Introduce yourself and reintroduce yourself until the community leaders call you by name.  Be positive.  Tell them what you want and tell them they have your support.  You are the powerful “they,” and you are a part of the solution.


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