Brittle Heaven - Sarah Deese

Sarah and her coworkers are working hard every day to keep up with demand

(From left to right) Sarah Deese, Tammy Walker Ray and Taren Otwell


Sarah Deese’s love for making peanut brittle started out as a meaningful way to spend time with her mother and make gifts for loved ones when she was a teenager. 

As an adult, making brittle became a solution to hardship when her youngest son became ill and medical expenses became an issue. She’s been selling her products since 2019. 

“It struck me, maybe I could sell my brittle,” said Deese. “That’s what everyone would tell me at Christmas time ‘oh, you need to sell this.’” 

She was inspired to get the right certifications to sell her products at the Pell City Farmer’s Market. 

“The response was just enormous, people really loved it and they encouraged me to continue it,” said Deese. 

Next, her brittle and goods were available at gas stations in the area, and the community around her continued to urge her to go bigger.  

“Everybody kept saying you should open your own store,” said Deese. “I gave it a lot of consideration.” 

Since the store’s opening on Sept. 2, Deese and her helpers have been busy trying to keep up with demand. People have come from many different areas to enjoy her homemade goods.  

“I’ve just got the best helpers, we all work together as a team.” 

Deese has her daughter-in-law, Taren Otwell, Tammy Walker Ray and Gloria Todd helping her. 

“I was really impressed with the customer outpour, they’re coming from everywhere,” Deese said.  

“We all really appreciate their support for the business. It really means a lot to us, and we just want to give back to the wonderful town that I raised my boys in.”  

Her love for her mother is weaved into the business, from her secret family recipes to the logo. A friend of her mother’s gave a plate to her with her likeness painted onto it as a wedding gift. Deese now has that dish hanging on her store’s wall, and it is her business logo. 

Deese makes brittle, cookies, ice cream, cake, milkshakes and a variety of other homemade sweets. Brittle Heaven and More is located at 2300 Cogswell Avenue in Pell City. 

“I just want to share good, home cooked food,” she said. 

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