As I write this St. Clair County is frozen over and most likely will stay that way through the weekend.

My favorite football team — the Auburn Tigers — has clinched the National Championship and are back at home on The Plains.

What can be said about their victory Monday night over the Oregon Ducks that hasn’t been said already?

The last time the team won, the school wasn’t even called Auburn University, it was Alabama Polytechnic Institute. People referred to it as Auburn, though.

We’re not the Crimson Tide, our biggest and in-state rival, so we don’t have a host of National Championships to measure this one by; though we do have the one previous.

Some of us think we got cheated out of going to the big show six years ago. I am one of those people.

I stopped playing sports by the time I hit high school, and instead devoted my time to music. Quite frankly, I shunned most every sport — save Auburn football. My mother — a die-hard Auburn fan — made sure I was parked in front of the television each Saturday in the fall during those years.

I nearly went to Auburn, we even put down a deposit on a shared, four-bedroom apartment, but I ended up choosing another school in between high school and starting college.

As I watched Monday’s game, my feet were resting on an Auburn footstool given to me when I graduated high school and it was assumed by many that I’d head to The Plains.

Before this season I painted my son’s room orange and blue. I’m glad I painted it before the first kickoff this past season, before the bandwagon rolled into town.

Auburn talks a lot about family and tradition. If you are a fan of the Tigers, most likely it is a family tradition.

From the time I was old enough to sit on my grandfather’s knee, I’ve been an Auburn fan. He graduated from there, as did many other members of my mother’s family.

Our oldest son, who turns seven this summer, brought the hardcore, don’t-even-miss-the-cupcake-games Tiger spirit back into my life.

My desk at the office is adorned by two of his Auburn drawings. In one of them, he has drawn what can only be described as the most exciting Iron Bowl in history. In addition to the AU scoreboard being broken from either a pass or the sheer number of points being posted on there, he drew in a basketball goal for what I’m guessing is a new point-scoring method.

When the two of us went to the Auburn-Georgia game this season, Michael Dyer broke Bo Jackson’s freshmen rushing record and was congratulated by the former Heisman Trophy winner at halftime.

“That’s awesome,” I told the folks we were sitting during that game and gestured to my son. “I was his age when Bo was on the field.”

Dyer was awarded the Player of the Game for his work on the field Monday night.

I’ve racked my brain to try to come up with something important to say about the 2010 Auburn Tigers. A perfect season with Cam Newton being a Heisman Trophy winning quarterback. A team that gelled together as the year went on and beat last year’s National Champions — our biggest rival — by one point after a historical comeback.

But I think the best way to sum it all up is simple. War Eagle!

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