Tri Way Riders and Greens

Alana Green and her husband Billy, of Ashville, have found a way they can contribute to honoring veterans and other soldiers: by inviting them over for a meal.

Recently, after Alana originally made contact, they were hosts to 16 bikers making their way to Washington D.C. on a trip to honor veterans, prisoners of war and other soldiers. Known as the Tri-Way riders, the group is comprised of veterans of America’s wars. This includes Ray Moon, who serves as route coordinator for the group.

The riders are traveling to Washington D.C. in what would normally be known as “Run for the Wall,” an annual event that “rides for those who can’t” by honoring soldiers lost in America’s wars, prisoners of war as well as those missing in action. However, the official Run for the Wall event has been cancelled due to COVID-19.

The riders this year are unofficially riding to place a wreath on the tomb of the unknown solider as well as attend other memorials. The original Run for the Wall event was started by a rider who rode in the Veteran’s Parade in Los Angeles honoring Vietnam vets.

“When we figured out the ride was cancelled, we said ‘why not host a small group of these guys?’” Alana said. “We decided to do this in honor of my mother-in-law as well.”

Alana’s late mother-in-law, Margie Green, was very involved in what is known as “Thunder at the Pig,” where residents of St. Clair go to the Piggly Wiggly and serve refreshments to riders of Run for the Wall. She made a name for herself and was remembered by many of the riders who made their stops. Alana viewed her personal event at her house as her own “Thunder” event to honor Margie.

The event honoring these veterans at the Green household garnered the support of the community, who showed up to see the Tri-Way Riders for themselves. This includes members of the Ashville Fire Department, Ashville Police Department as well as Ashville Mayor Derrick Mostella.

While Green provided her special guests with hot dogs, water and other refreshments, the Tri Way Riders also had a gift for her as well. Moon gifted her a Run for the Wall gold challenge coin to her and to Billy.

On the coin is inscribed multiple writings, including “all gave some, some gave all.” Additionally, rider John Baca, a Vietnam veteran, sent them one of his personal medals. On one side is inscribed “Congressional Medal of Honor Society” while the other side has “Luke 15:20” inscribed into it. Margie Green was also gifted a coin by riders before her passing last year.

“It meant the world to me,” Alana said.

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