Run for the Wall

Alana Green, of Ashville, has found a special way for her to honor veterans: by opening up her home.

On May 25, the Greens will host 25 bikers participating in what would usually be the annual Run for the Wall event. However, with the event cancelled due to COVID-19, groups of riders are embarking on their own journeys to honor veterans.

Run for the Wall is an event where bikers from all over the country would normally ride to Washington D.C. to honor those missing in action or prisoners of war along with those lost in America's wars. Participants place a wreath on the tomb of the unknown solider.

The event was started by a rider who rode in the Veteran’s Parade in Los Angeles honoring Vietnam vets. The purpose of Run for the Wall is to “ride for those who can’t.”

Usually, the Ashville Piggly Wiggly hosts “Thunder at the Pig” where they provide traveling bikers and truckers participating in RFTW with refreshments. This was an event that Green’s mother-in-law, Margie Green, participated in every year and consistently made new friends out of it.

However, COVID-19 has put the past two Thunder events on hold. Bikers and truckers decided to innovate and still participate unofficially in RFTW by traveling in smaller groups and going to the wall at different times.

Green saw this as a unique opportunity to participate in something that was near and dear to her mother-in-law. She decided to throw her own unofficial Thunder event at her own home, where 25 bikers of the Tri-Way Riders from California will stop by for refreshments on May 25 on their unofficial journey to the wall.

Green put on an inquiry in hopes someone would be interested, and the Tri-Way Riders decided to take her up on her offer.

“We want to keep the tradition alive,” Green said. “This is not something you want dying off. Men and women have been doing this as long as I can think of.”

For those interested in learning more about the official Run for the Wall event, visit their website,, or their Facebook page.

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