The Ashville Garden Club recently contributed $2,015 to the Ashville Community Mission. The contribution came from the garden club’s annual plant sale. “It’s a real credit to the support of the community for this benefit event, especially to such a worthy cause,” outgoing Garden Club President Suzanne Haley said. The mission is located next door to First Baptist Church Ashville on the square and is open on Monday from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. In the past, the mission was open during the day but Sorrell explained that more people come at night because some do not have transportation and must wait for someone to get off work and bring them. Liz Sorrell heads up the mission and said she is seeing much more people now than she ever has in the past because of the current economy. “It varies from month to month, but we’re averaging probably 35 to 50 families each month. There was one night where we saw 19 families in an hour,” Sorrell said. The mission helps families by giving them vouchers that that can be redeemed for non-perishable food. Since it is an emergency mission, Sorrell is limited to helping a family twice a year. Sorrell explained that in the past they were able to help out three or four times a year but like everyone else they have been forced to cut back too. “This is the first time the garden club has done this and we hope they’ll do it again,” Sorrell said. “It is a really big help for us.” The mission is always in need of volunteers and donations to the mission are tax deductible. Donations can be sent to: Ashville Community Missions, Post Office Box 1595, Ashville, Alabama 35953. “We would love to have more volunteers. I’d be glad to train them on how we interview and everything else,” Sorrell said. For more information on the mission or to volunteer those interested may email Sorrell at or call (205) 594-3171.

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