The Eden Career Technical Center is Located in Ashville. Photo by Jamie Browder

The Ashville City Council decided to sponsor 10 students at the Eden Career Tech Center. The money will allow the students to participate in the Explorer Post, which allows them to study public safety in becoming a firefighter, police officer or other first responder.

The total cost of the sponsorship was decided to be $450 as it costs $45 for each student to participate. According to Jeff Parrish, teacher at ECTC, this will be a big help to both the students and the first responder industry.

“I’ve had a lot of people ask me what’s the worst thing I’ve seen, and the direction we’re going in public safety is a call that nobody is answering. We don’t have enough people to go around,” said Parrish.

He said there is a lot of work to be done to get people back into public safety. This is a downfall he has seen coming for many years.

“I really had the idea in my head to challenge young people by introducing them to real public safety and service and doing real fire safety, police and EMS,” said Parrish.

Parrish believes in investing in young people. He thinks they are the solution to the shortage issue.

“I’m trying to keep them from feeling like they’re going to another class, I want them to feel like they are part of real public safety. With the Explorer Post, we can bring them in and train them.”

He said one of his biggest goals is to add diversity to the public safety realm. A win is when he sees his students being the ones to answer the emergency calls going out.

Explorer Post is run by the Scouts of America.

“We will make sure they understand it’s for this particular program,” said Mayor Derrick Mostella.

Councilmember Edward Roscoe Lane said it meant a lot to him to hear that diversity is a priority to the ECTC teacher.

“They can’t get enough help,” said Lane.

In other business the council:

  • Entered into an agreement with the Pell City Animal Facility for FY2023 animal control services in the amount of $7,000.

Approved for the mayor to enter into FY2023 contracts with the St. Clair County Commission for the following services:

  • Central Dispatch $48,595.85 (increase $2,314.08 from FY22)


  • Enforcement Unit $7,500.00 (no change in cost from FY22)


  • Fees $1,200.00 (increase of $600 from FY22)
  • Rezoned the city owned parcel on Dietrich Road PPIN 2153 as recommended by the Planning Commission.
  • Participate in the Janssen Settlement (Opioids)

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