The City of Argo unanimously voted to provide compensation for the city clerk on call after normal business hours at their regular council meeting Wednesday.

Mayor Paul Jennings suggested compensation because the city clerk on call frequently comes in nights and weekends to execute paperwork and handle funds for jail bonds.

“Anything we do for our clerk is a plus,” Jennings said.

Since the clerk holds a salaried position, he will only receive compensation for the time on call, not overtime.  Funds for on call compensation will be drawn out of the court fund.  The council agreed to pay the on call clerk $50 per week.

In other actions:

—Argo council approved a motion authorizing Mayor Paul Jennings to spend a sum not to exceed $3,000 toward funding for lighting of the city sign as proposed Zoning Board Chairman Jim Link.

—The council will vote on amended Ordinance 2012-238 regarding council salaries for the upcoming term on Feb. 28.  Changes are required to be made six months prior to the November election.

—Letters of interest are now being accepted for a zoning board of adjustments member and two alternates.  The matter will be discussed the first Monday in March.

—The zoning board will hold a public hearing Tuesday, Feb. 28 regarding the zoning for manufactured homes at 6:30 p.m. at Argo City Hall.  Residents are encouraged to attend.

—The county commission has agreed to help the city of Argo pick up storm debris along Will Keith Road.  City council members are in the process of obtaining the appropriate permits to burn debris.

—The city urges citizens to check where they will be required to vote before the upcoming primary election on March 13.

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