The city of Argo is one step closer to being serviced by a new sewer system.

During their regular meeting Wednesday, Mayor Paul Jennings presented the council with a revised copy of a city ordinance that would allow the Moody Government Utility Service Corporation to provide sewer service in the city of Argo.

After much negotiation, the Moody GUS changed references from “sewer plant” to “sewer facility” to ease Argo councilmembers’ concerns, but were unable to comply with a request that Argo have control of sewer rate.

“The city of Moody has bonds out on the system, and if the system doesn’t make it’s way, bondholders have the control to increase pricing,” Jennings said. “It’s more an issue of they can’t, instead of they won’t.”

The agreement with the Moody GUS does not require citizens to use the Moody sewer system, thereby allowing customers to “control their own destiny” as far as the sewer rates they will pay.

Because Councilman Steve Medori was absent from the meeting, the councilmembers were unable to vote to suspend the rules and vote on the ordinance. Instead, it was treated as a first reading and will be taken up again at their regular meeting Oct. 3, unless a special meeting is called.

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