Citizens of Margaret recently expressed complaints about unnecessarily receiving speeding tickets in Argo.

At Monday night’s council meeting in Argo, Margaret Councilman Charles Hicks spoke on behalf of Margaret citizens.  In his statement, Hicks said Argo Police were giving speeding tickets to people driving into Argo, less than a quarter-mile over the Argo-Margaret line.

“People are complaining as to what’s going on with writing tickets,” Hicks said.  “People feel like it’s a trap because it is less than a quarter-mile over the line.”

Hicks told Argo council that he works very hard on behalf of his citizens, saying, “When people bring complaints to the city, as an official I try to do something for them.

“We cannot treat citizens like this.  They are taxpayers.  I understand there is very little money out there, but writing tickets under false pretenses is wrong,” Hicks said. “I cannot tell you how to run your town, but I’m saying let’s sit down and look at this situation.”

One of the complaints comes from Hicks’ son, who received a ticket for going 55-miles per hour in a 40-mile zone.  He also received two warnings for inability to provide proof of insurance and improperly tinted windows.

“I think there has been some misunderstanding more than anything,” Argo Mayor Paul Jennings said.  “We have a good relationship with our police department, and we work to protect our people.”

In 2012 the City of Argo averaged 78 speeding tickets per month.  From January to March of this year, the average speeding ticket was given for 15 miles over the speed limit.

“There is a reason for speed limits.  The reason is our roads.  We don’t have freeways,” Jennings said.  “Most of the people coming down that road are pulling in and out neighborhoods.  It’s a safety issue.”


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