Each of the officials Alabamians elected to represent them in the nation's capital has been clear in their condemnation of last week's attack on the U.S. Capitol, but they remained split on whether the president should be impeached as a result.

The split fell along party lines, with Republicans voting against the impeachment of Donald Trump and Alabama's lone Democratic U.S. Representative voting for it.

The one vote for impeachment came from Democrat Terri Sewell.

Head of the Republicans of St. Clair County, Ren Wheeler, also reacted to the votes of impeachment against Trump.

"I can't understand why. It is all political. They want to degrade him even though he has had a great presidency," Wheeler said.

While the votes for impeachment of Trump comes in the wake of unrest at the Capitol over the 2020 presidential election, Wheeler wants more to be done for what he says is a "stolen election."

However, multiple courts and states have publicly stated zero evidence of the election being stolen in any way.

Furthermore, he is unsure where the Republican party goes from here.

"I can't understand why no one is doing anything about the stolen election. If people can steal an election, we might as well be a third-world country," Wheeler said. "I don't know where we go from here."

Wheeler added that many Republicans are looking ahead to 2022.

Jessica Barnett of the Athens News-Courier contributed to this article.

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