Gov. Kay Ivey said in a press conference Tuesday that she intends to keep a stay athome order in place through the end of April.

Ivey will keep the order active through April 30 and will later decide on what can reopen.Ivey says the orders are driven by data and not a required date. “No one wants to openbusinesses more than I do,” Ivey said.

State Health Officer Scott Harris said the state hasn't quite met a White Houserecommendation of 14 days of declining cases before proceeding to an additional phaseof reopening as the global pandemic continues.

Ivey expressed concerns over testing not being adequate. “We are not testing enoughyet” Ivey claimed. There have been around 48,000 tests conducted in Alabama.

The St. Clair County Health Department held drive-thru testing Tuesday at Pell CityHigh School. According to St. Clair County EMA, 34 tests were conducted