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Fourth Avenue Supermarket located in Bessemer is one of five grocery stores owned and operated under Fourth Avenue Supermarket, Inc. that has received "Sanitizit" machines to disinfect entire grocery carts before they get into the hands of shoppers. The other four locations taking these measures to eliminate germs from their shopping carts include all Fresh Value stores located in Bessemer, Trussville, Pell City, and Dorsey's Supermarket in Oxford, AL. The machine applies a quick-dry sanitizing mist that covers the entire shopping cart and kills germs on contact. The Sanitizit solution is a green, eco-conscious sanitizer that is strong enough to kill germs but is 100% safe for use in retail food environments.

Calvin Pettigrew, president of Fourth Avenue Supermarket, Inc., says keeping customers safe while doing their necessary grocery shopping is the number one priority during this time. "We knew getting Sanitizit machines into our stores was the right thing to do to keep our shoppers protected from germs now and into the future," said Pettigrew. The machines will stay in the stores permanently.

Dorsey's Supermarket in Oxford is another recipient of the Sanitizit machine, and store manager Perry Barnett says it has been a game changer for their fight against COVID-19. "It's really impressive how effective this machine is at sanitizing the entire cart and not just the handle," says Barnett. "The response has been phenomenal, and the measures we are taking to make our store safe is really putting our customers at ease." In addition to the new germ-eliminating equipment, Dorsey's also installed a hand washing station outside the store, plexiglass partitions at the checkout stations, and floor markers that enforce social distancing between shoppers. To take measures even further, they have hired a third-party company to come in and disinfect the entire store regularly, and they are checking the temperature of every employee and vendor before entering the building.

The five stores operating under Fourth Avenue Supermarket, Inc., strive to make their facilities as safe as they possibly can during this time. While grocery shopping will remain an essential task, local shoppers can rest assured that these stores will continue to provide a safe and clean environment for their communities.

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