Advanced Disposal announced Monday it would cease collection of bulk waste items, including limbs, brush and other biodegradable waste, until further notice during the on going coronaries pandemic.

The company released the announcement saying:

“At Advanced Disposal, safety is of utmost importance and should not be ranked as it is our lifeblood: the safety of our employees, our customers and the general public wherever we are operating. As the world is adjusting daily to the challenges that COVID19 is creating for all of us, rest assured we are prepared to continue providing our essential services to you and your residents. As a company, we are implementing policies and procedures to ensure that our employees are as safe as possible while performing our services, and to keep our customers and the public safe as well.”

The company announced it will collect any trash and will refuse recycling that is not containerized. All trash and recycling must be placed in the carts, anything outside of the cart will not be collected.

City Manager Brian Muenger said “After further discussion, Advanced Disposal has agreed to continue brush/yard waste service through March 27. Additionally, the company will provide a roll-off dumpster for brush/yard waste throughout this service interruption. The dumpster will be located at 405 19th Street South, near the Boys & Girls Club.”

Advanced Disposal has not provided a timeline as to when the curbside brush service will resume.

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