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James Newton, his fiancé  Courtney Hawkins and their children cut the ribbon on their new business, Your CBD Store in Pell City. Photo by Danny Moore

Your CBD Store in Pell City, sells 100% natural CBD. James Newton, one of co-owners along with his fiancé Courtney Hawkins, of Your CBD Store said it’s a family owned business with a focus on giving back. 

“We’re trying to create something we can give back to the community and help the community,” said Newton. “The money to us is a by-product.”  

CBD, also known as Cannabinol has gained plenty of momentum since Trump passed the Farm Bill last year in December allowing farmers and retailers to grow hemp plants and sell CBD.

“We’re probably the highest quality CBD (store). No artificial stuff,” said Newton. 

Not to be confused with any vape store, Newton said they only specialize in CBD. 

“The staff that we have are trained, they’re knowledgeable,” said Newton. “People can come in with different ailments and if they tell us what they’re going through, we can guide them to the right products.”

CBD is a compound found in Hemp known to help with inflammation, anxiety and more. 

“Your body naturally produces CBD already,” he continues, “we already have CBD receptors so when we take the CBD it just promotes your body to create more.” 

Initially the City of Pell City were reluctant to give them a license. “They denied our business license at first. We appealed it; we went in front of city council.” It took about three weeks before the council approved. 

The store sells CBD oil, tinctures, capsules edibles and even chapstick. Their best seller is topical pain cream. On the back of every product is a QR Code.

“You can see all the lab reports. They’re not just our lab reports, they’re third party lab reports,” said Newton.

Your CBD Store is located at 313 Martin St. North, Pell City. For more information, contact them at 205-812-0378 or visit

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