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Bailey Morgan wins 4-Wheeler from Odenville Auto Parts. Photo submitted

Folks, can I just brag on our Odenville Police Department for a bit? I believe we hands down have the best police department around. Our officers are quite simply amazing. Nothing happens in our little city that they can’t handle. From helping the distressed citizen that locked their keys in their car (three times in one week) to drug busts and robberies, our men and women in blue get it done. I’ve personally never felt safer than I do in my little town and that is exactly why I stay here. For example, our hometown drugstore, Odenville Drug, was robbed on Oct. 23 and on Nov. 5 the bad guy was apprehended and taken into custody. All because our OPD does not take lightly having their businesses or their citizens in distress. From a social media post made on Tuesday

“We are happy to inform you that the thug that robbed the drug store a week ago has been taken into custody. A lot of police work went into this case and alot of different agencies worked together to get this guy off the street. A special thanks to these that I (Chief Pardue) personally worked with on this case. Inv. Robertson with SCCSO, the Jefferson County SO, and the ATF. Great work by all involved, including the first officers on scene with OPD doing a great job securing the scene. When the good guys work together the bad guy goes to jail.” Amen. Thanks OPD.

Odenville Auto Parts had Christmas Come Early this past Saturday and owner Shane Miller made it special for one little girl who was the recipient of a free four wheeler! Little Miss Bailey Morgan was the lucky winner after a reverse draw down. Bailey had just made a list and gave it to Santa that had asked for exactly that!! Congrats Bailey!

The City of Odenville presents A Whoville Christmas Parade Tuesday Dec. 3. Line up at 5 p.m., parade starts at 7 p.m. Meteorologist J-P Dice will be the Grand Marshal

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