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Victory Softball Team Back row left: Head Coach Ted Rorrer, Coach Bobby Brasher, Coach Bryan Curran and Coach Margo Curran Middle left: Katelyn Keller, Haley Hendrix, Shana Rogers, Kylie Boker, Madison Dixon, Katie Andrews, Abby Phillips, Taylor Hendrix, Bottom row left: Sonali Albus, Lillie Rorrer, Natalie Johnson , Kristina Glass

Just last week, Victory’s softball team pulled the area championship title over Heritage Christian. After winning all regular season area games, it was a historical first hosting of the tournament for Victory Christian School.

In speaking to head coach Ted Rorrer, he had a lot to say about this team and what it took to get them here. “First are the amazing assistant coaches we have in Bobby Brasher, Margo Curren and Brian Curren. They work really well with the girls and have come in to do whatever it took to get them ready this year. We really started with the basics. It was a slow start to the season,” he explained, “but about mid-season, the lights really came on and they hit their stride.” He went on to say that his hope for the future is high for this team as there is only one senior graduating out this year.

“Most of these girls are either playing ‘new to them’ positions or this is their first time playing” he said. The team is young and of those new players, he highlighted Hayley Hendrix, a first time player in only 7th grade, starting at center field with a 451 batting average.

Other players of mention were Junior Kristina Glass who leads the team in offensive plays and has a batting average of 533. Of her, Rorrer said “she can play anywhere on the field, and has when needed.”

Lillie Rorrer, also a Junior, and pitcher for the Lady Lions put up some impressive numbers in the area tournament. In the first game, she had a total of 74 pitches, with 57 strikes, 17 balls, 8 strikeouts and 0 walks. Game two with a total of 73 pitches, 61 strikes, 12 balls, 7 strikeouts and 0 walks.

Both girls will be returning next year to lead a team Rorrer considers to be “the most selfless, upbeat team.”

Since preseason Rorrer says the coaching team has simply reiterated one thing, “Learn from the mistake and play the next play.” 

He told them “we are gonna fail, what sets us apart is what we do afterwards.” 

And to me he warmly expressed, “Coaching this team has been my greatest privilege, honor and blessing.” 

The Lady Lions travel this Thursday to face Berry High School in the regional tournaments host by and located in Oxford.  

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