Steele 5K winners

Pictured are the winners of the 4th Annual 5K Raider Run held in Steele. Photo courtesy of Nancy Miller-Borg

The 4th annual 5K Raider Run was held in Steele to raise funds for the Steele Junior High School PTO.  There were 59 entries for the 5K plus walkers and supporters who gathered early at the Steele Jet Pep on April 14. 

The ages of the contestants ranged from 6 to 70.  Cesar Segura won the 13-16 male group and was the overall race winner.  He is a graduate of Steele Junior High School and is now a member of the Ashville High School Track Team.

The list of winners by age group: 

Age 4-8 male:

1st - Nate McCurry, 2nd - Avery McGinnis, 3rd - Sam Barnes

Age 4-8 female:

1st - Adalyn Starling

Age 9-12 male:

1st - Joe Stevens, 2nd - Rhett Bowlin, 3rd - Hunter Morphis and Bruce Pantoja

Age 9-12 female:

1st - Anzlee Farmer, 2nd - Jaci Hyatt

Age 13-16 male:

1st and overall winner Cesar Segura, 2nd -Andrew Brigmon, 3rd - Donnie Morphis

Age 13-16 female:

1st - Breanna Kowalewski,  2nd - Tori Carden, 3rd -Josey​ Rakestraw

Age 17-20 male:

1st - Alex Pantoja, 2nd - Nick Dunn 

Age 17-20 female:

1st - Ashley Barnard, 2nd -  Savannah Smith, 3rd - Ali Deweese

Age 21-30 female:

1st - Laura Green; 2nd - Hannah Hardman; 3rd -Ashley Morgan, Jessica Martin, and Jordan Barnard Wise 

Age 31-40 male:

1st - Michael Tucker

Age 31-40 female:

1st - Emily Starling, 2nd - Reanna Hyatt Graves, 3rd - Leslie Tucker

Age 41-50 male:

1st - Louis Bazan; 2nd - Coach Clint Hathcock, 3rd - Rick Barnes

Age 41-50 female:

1st - Valley Osborne Mccurry, 2nd - Angie Alexander-Fuhrman

Age 51-60 male:

1st  - JP Stevens; female: 1st - Leigh Stevens, 2nd - Karen Alexander, 3rd - Karen Beasley

Age 61-70 male:

1st - Mark Wilson

Age 61-70 female:

1st - Ruby Reynolds

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