It’s fun, family-friendly and live this fall at Pell City Center for Education and Performing Arts (CEPA) as the Spotlight Core Club brings a “side-splitting” play – “You Can’t Beat the House.”

Two amateur robbers choose a house to burglarize only to find, after managing to sneak into the place, that it’s up for sale. But before they can leave, prospective buyers show up!

These minor-league thieves have two choices – either pretend to be real estate agents or “beat it,” making the buyers suspect them and call the police. And that’s only the beginning of this misadventure.

The play is directed by Lesley Warren. It’s her sixth show on the CEPA stage, and she’s again brought together a group of local all-star actors and new faces.

“This has got to be one of my most exciting casts,” Warren said. “Every actor is perfectly suited for their role, and that makes their conversations on stage feel completely real – and hilarious.”

The cast includes Brian Reaves as Merle, Mark Brown as Howie, Wendy Dewberry as Courtney Parfait, Haven Phillips as Glenda, Ben Wilson as Conrad, Julie Funderburg as Lillian, Blair Goodgame as Madame Zenobia, Savanna Bryson as Brittney, Les Hoffman as Officer Larraby, and Mandy Ellsworth as Fern.

Performances of the comedy, written by Pat Cook, will be at 7 p.m. Sept. 26-28 and 2 p.m. Sept. 29 on the CEPA stage at 25 Williamson Drive, Pell City. For tickets, visit

“You Can’t Beat the House” will be performed at CEPA as part of the Spotlight program, which is offered through a partnership between CEPA, Pell City Schools, St. Clair County Schools, the City of Pell City and Jefferson State Community College. Spotlight is an all-ages outreach program whose mission is to foster drama education and encourage community participation in theater in St. Clair County.

Spotlight is supported by The Alabama Council on the Arts, The City of Pell City, Pell City Schools, St. Clair County Schools, Trussell Funderburg Rea and Bell and Honda Manufacturing of Alabama.

For more information, call the CEPA office at 205-338-1974 or email Spotlight Program Coordinator Misty Wade at

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