Susan Hazzard

An example of Susan Hazzard's artwork.

Susan Hazzard began drawing at an early age, and recognizing her talent, her father nurtured it by providing inspiration through frequent trips to museums and galleries, throughout North America, by funding the resources necessary for developing her abilities, and by providing an ample array of  art supplies and books.   

Her private and professional accomplishments include, but are not limited to: residential and commercial murals; portraiture in oils, pencil, charcoal and pastels;  paintings of landscapes, wildlife, still life; display and sign painting for major retail departments stores;  illustration for published authors; photography, layout and printing press operations for a printing company, and the development of faux finishes for interior design.

She has received various awards for her work, including “First Place” awards in portraiture, landscapes, still life, and more, and many of her creations are permanently displayed in professional settings and private homes in North and South America.

“I aspire to live up to the standard reflected by one of my favorite quote by N. C. Wyet:  ‘The genuineness of the artists’ work depends upon the genuineness of the artists’ living . . . In other words . . . Art is not what you do, it is what you are,” she said. “We cannot, in art, produce a fraction more than what we are.”

Her work, which includes portraiture, still life, wildlife, and more, is currently on display at the Pell City Library, and will be on display throughout the month of August.

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