Creating art or other creative endeavors may help reduce stress. 

With the last few days and weeks of summer upon us, it can be easy to get lost in the monotony of daily life. The kids have done what feels like everything available, they’re either excited for school to start back or dreading it. And with that anxiety comes jitters and, possibly, the feeling of going stir-crazy. 

The anthesis, I propose, is art.

And maybe you’ve dabbled in some art projects already this summer. Maybe your or the kids (or both) have spent hours coloring, painting or drawing and your fridge is plastered with watercolors and marker creations. 

I’ve recently felt pent up with the end of summer drawing to a close, waiting for classes to start back up, looking for something to fill my day.

I’ve never been much of a painter, always preferring some other art form over that of a daunting white canvas. But this summer I’ve found myself sitting on my porch with a makeshift paint palette made out of a folded piece of paper, brushing hues onto a canvas.

I’ve found it steps me away from feeling pent up and, even though I’m not going anywhere, it gets me out of my apartment. It serves as an escape from the boredom of daily life, from the feeling not having anything to do.

Maybe painting isn’t for you or your child. I’m not trying to convince you to pick up a paintbrush. Not really.

But, instead, just to do something you haven’t done in awhile, or maybe ever before. Break up your routine with something new. When I put down my brush, I’ve found that I feel better.

There’s something refreshing that comes along with creating something, with trying something new.

It’s not just me that feels this way, either. According to a study done in England by researchers Val Huet and Sue Holttum, art therapy has been shown to reduce work-related stress and increase playfulness.

And there’s plenty of opportunities to try something new from painting to beading to fabric art such as sewing or knitting.

Furthermore, if you want to try something new but you’re short on inspiration (or just craving some art in general), you can always drop by Artscape Gallery in downtown Pell City and get some tips of the trade from local artists.

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