Prison Break

Jacky Connell's third book, “Prison Break” hit the shelves this month.

Are you ready to learn what generational strongholds are, where they come from, and, most importantly, how to step into deliverance for yourself, your children, and your grandchildren?

Jacky Connell's third book, “Prison Break” hit the shelves this month.

“Prison Break” is a book of hope and deliverance that can change your entire family tree—severing the generational bondage that leads to addiction, anger and abuse, poverty, fear, arrogance, and so much more.

It's easy to see generational curses in families who are plagued with obvious problems like addiction, but it's much harder to recognize generational tendencies when it comes to less straightforward issues, such as poverty, arrogance, insecurity, anger, pride, selfishness, laziness, foolishness, and so on. We can inherit these curses genetically or learn them from our environment and solidify them in our own lives when we live out those same patterns. We then pass the issues on to the next generation in the same ways.

Even when we are able to recognize these patterns, it may feel impossible to break them—but it’s not.

Connell has served as the senior pastor of Eden Westside Baptist Church for over 32 years. He has seen many people struggle with strongholds in their lives and has helped them deal with this problem. In addition to completing the book that is already changing lives, Bro. Jacky is leading a six-week series on Sunday mornings with the same name, Prison Break. He will be teaching about Generational Blessings on Sunday evenings.

Eden Westside Baptist Church is one church with two locations, Pell City and Leeds. For more information about the church and service times, please visit

To order your copy of the new book, Prison Break, visit and begin learning how to break the generational strongholds in your life!

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