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Pell City School System teachers receive more than $22,000 in grants from the Pell City Schools Education Foundation Program. Photo courtesy of PCSS

The Pell City Schools Education Foundation Program awarded over 95 grants with a total of $22,904.84 to teachers within the Pell City School System.

Teachers were awarded their grants at a ceremony held at the Pell City Center for Education and Performing Arts (CEPA) on Wednesday, Oct. 23.

Grants are awarded to “enrich education by encouraging and supporting improved educational opportunities and creative teaching.” Funds for grants come from donations since the inception of the non-profit organization in 1992, donations residents made on their monthly water bill, and a portion of proceeds from annual trips through Friends Bound for New Horizons.

A total of 95 of those were awarded to teachers for use in their classrooms to implement innovative learning opportunities for students. Grants are reviewed and approved by the Foundation board of directors each fall.

Pell City Schools Educational Foundation grants were awarded to 12 teachers at Coosa Valley Elementary School, 11 at Eden Elementary School, 15 at Iola Roberts Elementary School, eight at Walter M. Kennedy Elementary School, 16 at Williams Intermediate School, 13 at Duran South Junior High School, 12 at Duran North Junior High School and 8 at Pell City High School for a total of $22,904.84.

The Pell City Schools Education Foundation was established in March 1992 by Pell City leaders in business, education, and community development. They envisioned a partnership among local businesses, organizations, and individuals that would promote excellence in education.

In total, the Pell City Schools Education Foundation has awarded over $450,000 in grants.

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