Hello everyone. Hope you had a wonderful and safe Fourth of July weekend. And I also hope you got to see the awesome “Trump Boat Parade” on Sunday afternoon. I have heard a number from 500-2000 boats, so not really sure how many. But there were certainly a lot of them. Pretty impressive.

My granddaughter, Kayla and her husband, Beaux, drove to visit her parents on Sunday. They also visited with friend, Leah Harris. Leah is in the Army National Guard and is home for a short while before her next assignment.

Happy 29th Anniversary to Tabitha and Chris Haynes. Happy 17th Anniversary to Laurie and Blaine Henderson.

And a special (belated) Happy Anniversary to my good friends, Ted and Joan Campbell who celebrated their 64th Wedding Anniversary on May 5. What an accomplishment! May you have many more.

Birthday wishes go out to Anna Leigh Price, Curtis Collins, Daniel Barber, Brady and Brooklyn Phillips, Kerri Swiney, Gail Drummonds, Amy Phillips, Olivia Averette, Martin Bryant, Michael Elliott, Baylor Fields, Marie Manning, Mike Staggs, Roseann Warren, Wendy Dewberry, Jana Evans, Eldon Hall, Lana Munkus, Luke Seay, Steve Hobbs, Michael Boyd, Rachael Bennett, Bill Hardwick, Ava Watlington, Kyle Satterfield, Joy St. John, Sam Jones, Owen Ward, Rick Ensley, Faye Mather, Rick Ensley, Fred Hothman, Tracy Hyde, and to all other July birthdays.

Please remember the Charles Robertson Family in your prayers. He passed away July 1. Also remember the family of Gwin Allen who passed away recently.

Looking for fresh fruits, vegetables, local honey and more? Stop at Pell City Fruit and Vegetable Stand, Kerry Joe Foster, across from Ace Hardware. And let’s don’t forget our Local Market at the Avondale walking track on Wednesdays from 1– 5. Looks like those of us who live in or close by to Pell City have no excuse for not eating fresh.

Cropwell Baptist will hold VBS beginning on Sunday, July 12 and will run through July 15th from 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. This is for children entering K4 - 6th grade. Go to www.cropwellbaptist.org for more information.

Still time! Pell City Library Summer Reading Challenge 2020. May 20 - July 22, 2020. Register Online, Read Books, and Earn Prizes!!! Register an individual, a Class or Group.

Jamison Taylor’s School of Music’s 2020 Experience Music Camp will be July 20-24, 9am-Noon and 2-5pm. Sign up now for a week of fun and music with daily lessons on piano, drums, ukulele, guitar, voice, and more. Register at www.jamisontaylor.com.

Texting and driving are as dangerous as drinking and driving. A study found that drivers use their phones 88% of the time they are in the car. Just a 2 second distraction increases the risk of crashing by 20%. One in 4 car accidents are cause by cell phone usage. Both GA and FL have passed strong cell phone laws, heavily fining those even touching their cell phone while driving. Maybe it’s time for AL and all states to pass this law.

Birmingham greats: Condoleeza Rice, the first woman to serve as the US National Security Advisor. She also served as a Secretary of State under Pres. Georgie H.W. Bush. Homewood resident, Mary Anderson, invented the windshield wiper.

Civitan International was founded in Birmingham in 1917.

The first Veteran’s Day Parade in the US was held in Birmingham in 1947.

Legion Field hosted the 1st nationally televised evening college football game in 1969.

The Univ. of Alabama played the Univ. of Mississippi winning by one point (33-32).

UAB physician, Dr Basil Horschowitz invented the fiberoptic endoscope (to explore stomach). Original endoscope is now in the Smithsonian Institution.

UAB heart surgeon, John W. Kirklin, develop a computerized intensive care unit that became the model for modern ICUs around the world.

American Idol winners Taylor Hicks and Ruben Studdard are both from Birmingham. Bo Bice, an American Idol runner-up is from Helena.

Vulcan is the largest cast-iron statue in the world. It was the city’s entry in the 1904 World’s Fair.

See you next week. Pray daily for our country, its leaders and for Israel. Call me at 205-338-7746 with information about family’s news and gatherings. Have a wonderfully blessed and safe week. You can also email info to annette_snow@yahoo.com.

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